Civilization's Age

There is a staggering amount of evidence that indicates that there was civilization millions of years ago, contrary to the few thousand years espoused by evolutionary science. Not all of these artifacts can be hoaxes or a mistake in carbon dating (the usual reaction of scientists)!

This section will present some of this evidence:

Stone Age Projectiles
- Who shot Neanderthal Man?
- Auroch Survives Bullet

Prehistoric Mines
- Wattis, Utah Coal Mine
- Ngwenya, Africa Iron Mine

Primeval Manufacturing
- CA Quartz Iron Nail
- Abbey Feldspar Iron Screw
- Schondorf Iron Cube
- CA Spark Plugs
- Russian Metal Screw
- Qaidam Metal Pipes
- Lanzhou Stone Screw
- Leningrad Wires
- Egyptian Lathe

"Full Bloom" Civilizations

- Dendera Electron Tubes
- Babylon Batteries
- Antikythera Mechanism
- Optical Lenses

- Port Of Puma Punku
- French Stonemasons
- Solar Observatory
- Rockwall, Texas
- Underground Irish Temple
- Ashoka Piller

Societal Regression