Primeval Manufacturing

Many manufactured items have been found in an environment or rock strata from a time period millions of years before man was supposed to exist. Commonly scientists debunk these artifacts by stating that "dating methods" [carbon] weren't as "accurate" as today, so the "supposed" age of the artifact should be disregarded. While this may be valid in some scenarios, it is not for all; for example, many of the below artifacts were found completely enclosed in coal. They do not need to be dated at all since we know when, and during what epoch, coal was formed. So how else can we explain these artifacts, without calling them hoaxes without proof?

Nails and Screws

Wires, Threads, and Chains

Qaidam Basin Metal Pipes

Egyptian Lathe

The Vessel of Dorchester

Coso Geode

Scottish Coal "Drill"

CA Spark Plugs

African Sphere