Welcome to the ForbiddenHistory.info website!

This site is intended to be a central repository and discussion place for the numerous problematica and "Out-Of-Place" (OOP) artifacts that have been discovered. OOP artifacts are those items that, according to our tenets of evolutionary science and historical theory, simply should not exist; typically they are items too advanced for the level of civilization that we believe existed at the time, or items that indicate human presence far before humans were supposed to exist. I've tried hard to ensure all OOPs listed here are validated ones, as well as addressing common skeptic arguments. Note also that I [webmaster] am presenting them as is, without any sort of religious bias- I am not a creationist or particularly religious, so have no agenda in that aspect. I have tried to present all items impartially, with no agenda other than trying to find out the truth.

What is extremely infuriating is the reaction of virtually all mainstream scientists. I can't count the number of cases I've found where the discoverers contacted an University department or a scientist, and they dismissed the discovery out of hand without even examining them! They will call them hoaxes, mistaken dating (once again, without bothering to review the process used), and attack the credibility of the discoverer- all because it is "obvious" the item cannot be from that time period. In other words, because our theory states we believe the timeline of human history to be thus, dismiss any contradictory evidence. And they call themselves scientists!

This site is still in progress and far from complete; check back often as I am frequently adding items. If you know of a validated OOP that I do not have listed here, or know of any recent applicable news, PLEASE let me know via our contact form. Also, please stop by our discussion area to talk about any OOP you wish. However, flaming, name-calling, or baseless dismissals will not be tolerated. Please be courteous in your debates, and support your position with facts.